Yan Bastian
I need some theorists in translating the euphemisms. Do anyone of you have it? Share me please!
Oct 20, 2012 1:51 AM
Answers · 10
[Correction - "Share with me, please!"] A classic example is 'collateral damage' - the death of innocent bystanders in warfare or any violent exchange. 'The dearly departed' - a dead person 'At eternal rest', 'has met his/her maker' - dead 'A confirmed bachelor' (British), 'a follower of Dorothy' (American) - a homosexual [Note 'follower of Dorothy' refers to Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz", played by Judy Garland. Many (but not all) homosexual men in the U.S. liked Judy Garland] 'Generously proportioned' - fat (To a lesser extent - 'full-figured') 'Lady of the night' - prostitute 'Answer the call of nature', 'powder my nose' - go to the bathroom A 'negative patient care outcome' - the death of a patient. 'Retrograde maneuver ' - a retreat. My favorite - "manual graphite display generator" - a pencil. One possibility for a book about euphemisms: "Euphemania: Our Love Affair with Euphemisms" by Ralph Keyes It is a Google ebook OR Euphemism and Dysphemism: Language Used as a Shield and Weapon. Oxford Univ. Press, 1991 Keith Allen and Kate Burridge
October 20, 2012
Euphemism List — Examples & Meanings of Euphemisms www.euphemismlist.com/
October 20, 2012
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