I have many friends in China. - - Zai4 zhong1 wo3men de you3 hen2 peng2you3. PLEASE USE PINYIN.
Oct 20, 2012 7:22 PM
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Your pinyin doesn't match what you want to say at all. "zai zhong"(在中?) doesn't make sense. That should be "zai zhongguo"(在中國) "wo men" (我們) means "we" not "I". The "men"(們) makes it plural, so you should change that to simply "wo"(我) "de"(的), the possessive particle has no use in this sentence, so you can delete that. hen(很) alone just means "very", "hen duo" 很多(meaning "a lot") is what you're looking for. (zai zhongguo, wo you henduo pengyou)在中國,我有很多朋友 OR (wo zai zhongguo you henduo pengyou)我在中國有很多朋友
October 20, 2012
wo2 zai4 zhong1 guo2 you3 hen3 duo1 peng2 you3 :)
October 21, 2012
zai zhong guo wo you hen duo pengyou. I means wo, have means you, many means xuduo,friends means pengyou,in china means zai zhong guo,so it should be wo you hen duo peng you zai zhong guo,but we aways put "zai zhong guo" before a sentence,so it should be "zai zhong guo, wo you hen duo pengyou",and I just mean wo.we means wo men.
October 22, 2012
Wo jiao le hen duo zhong guo peng you. 我交了很多中国朋友
October 21, 2012
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