Kpop Studies I really like to sing along to my favorite Kpop songs so I try to study them (word for word) but sometimes I get stuck. In Girls' Generation's Gee, Sunny sings, 너무 너무 예뻐 맘이 너무 예뻐 첫 눈에 반했어 꼭 짚은 Girl. (I think) I understand all but "꼭 짚은" can someone give me a literal translation please (preferably native speakers) Please translate the whole paragraph! This is what I think it translates as (I hope I'm right...) So so pretty, 'Your' heart is so pretty. I fell 'for you' at first sight/glance... and I don't know the last part ^-^;Thank you james I appreciate your input ^-^ So according to my dictionary 짚다 means "to touch/feel" or it could also mean "to grasp/grab/hold maybe" + if I'm not mistaken this example uses the state/result modifier -(으)ㄴ. So as james said it may be similar to (Now your mine) However, because Sunny is speaking of her feelings for this person and not directly to him maybe it better translates as ('He surely' has me) or possibly ('He' has touched me) as if to say I'm truly touched by him... I really don't know! Maybe there is no exact English equivalent but I can't figure it out... D;
Oct 21, 2012 1:37 AM
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꼭쥐다<꼭짚다 짚다 is a softer term for; grasp or grap쥐다. maybe it would be like; to pick up or to catch? 꼭 you can consider it kind a like ; very the meaning would be similar with : now you are mine???
October 21, 2012
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