sange saboor 4 namoonde az javooniam neshooni namoonde - az - javooniam - neshooni - pir shodam, pire to ey javooni pir shodam pir-e to ey javooniIknow that javooni it is "youth" and javooniam is something like "my youth"
Oct 21, 2012 2:55 PM
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javooni=young javooniam= my young duration in life the meaning of peom is namoonde az javooniam neshooni = I don't feel young and juicy although I am young (youu can't see no marks of youth in my inferior) pir shodam, pire to ey javooni= young concerns of life make me old (I am like an aged person although I am young now) It is not a translation .It is just the meaning of song
October 22, 2012
yes.This is a song from mohsen chawoshi in a movie that's named santori.
October 21, 2012
namoonde az javooniam neshooni moonde ~ is left - namoonde ~ no (something) is left - az ~ from - javooniam ~ my youth - neshooni = neshoon + i = neshaneh + i ~ a sign pir shodam, pire to ey javooni - pir ~ aged, old - shodam = shod (got) + am ~ I got - pir-e ~ aged from, old from - to ~ you - ey ~ o (like "O Children of Israel") - javooni ~ youth In this sentence, he addresses youth (unlike other sentences) and says that I got old for your works. I don't know what he exactly means, but I guess so. So it will be: No sign is left from my youth O youth , I got old, for your sake
October 27, 2012
October 21, 2012
سلام سمته ، خیلی ممنون. My emphasis now is to speak - I mean, the sound. I have the lyrics in perso-arabic, so I can train my reading...(by the way, I don't know if سمته is the right way ... I guess is not)
October 23, 2012
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