Medeubayeva Madira
How to quickly learn angliiyskomu language or how fast you can remember English words My English so bad((
Oct 22, 2012 3:19 PM
Answers · 5
Privet, you can learn English using the Russian language here at Italki: Here are English teachers/community tutors who speak Russian at Italki: You can find an English language partner who speaks Russian. Send them a message and ask them to be a friend, then you can arrange to talk on skype or msn Take into account the time differences between countries. Here You can order American Movies Translated on Russian with subtitles. You can select English audio with Russian subtitles or Russian audio and English subtitles.
October 22, 2012
My English is so bad It takes time to learn something new. Learn a little at a time remember why you want to learn English. And in time you will get better))
October 22, 2012
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