Two questions about the order of the phrase 1 Nehemen Sie von den Tabletten hier dreimal täglich zwei! Why is (Zwei) put in the end of the sentence? Can we say Nehemen Sie von den zwei Tabletten hier dreimal täglich! If no, why? How to rewrite the sentence? 2 Nicht selten sagen kranke Leute etwa: ....... Can this sentence be rewritten as: Kranke Leute sagen nicht selten etwa:.... Thank you very much!!Thanks for the answers of Felix,Tommy and the people answering here. Through your helpful answers, I would not use the expression like “Nehemen Sie von den zwei Tabletten hier dreimal täglich!” in the future. Since it is confusing according to Felix's opinion, and it is even grammaratically wrong from Tommy's perspective. In conclusion, it is not preferable. On the other hand, I hope you can still keep discussing on this point till it is clear since I have found the comments on the grammaratical correctness of this sentence are still different. I think the discussion would benefit all the readers of this question in the end. :) Vielen Dank!
Oct 22, 2012 6:07 PM
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Hello Shu, “dreimal täglich“ = modale Angabe “zwei“ = unbekanntes Akkusativobjekt (If your books/professors don’t explain these German grammar terms in Chinese, I will try to do it in English.) Rule of word order: modale Angabe, unbekanntes Akkusativobjekt. That’s why “zwei“ is written after "dreimal täglich". Aside the grammatical reason, it could be confusing to hear “... zwei dreimal täglich!“ because of these two numbers one after another. Something different: If I’m not mistaken, “von den Tabletten hier“ is the Präpositionalobjekt. This kind of words is put at the end of the sentence. Thus, I would say the following sentence is correct: “Nehmen Sie dreimal täglich zwei von den Tabletten hier!“
October 24, 2012
He is saying: "Take two OF these tablets here." VON den Tabletten nehmen Sie zwei." That should be clear now. Nehemen Sie von den zwei Tabletten hier dreimal täglich! = Take of the two tablets here three times a day! As you can see it is a nonsense phrase.
October 23, 2012
1 Nehemen Sie von den Tabletten hier dreimal täglich zwei (Tabletten / Stück) ! Why is (Zwei) put in the end of the sentence? The amount is left out to avoid recurrence.
October 22, 2012
Hallo Shu, 1. "Nehmen Sie von den zwei Tabletten hier dreimal täglich!" is not wrong grammaticaly, but implies another meaning. For example, "von den zwei Tabletten hier" means that there are actually two types of pills. "Dreimal täglich" only means 3 times a day and does not give an amount (of how many pills have to be taken) and is therefore confusing. The information of how often is given, but not the information "how many" at once. In your example, the "zwei" is put at the end because there is only one type of pill, and three times a day two of those should be taken at the same time. That way, the information "how often" and "how many" are better to understand. 2. Yes, the sentence can be rewritten like that. You have a very good understanding of German! Please contact me anytime if this explanation does not help you.
October 22, 2012
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