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true love is ....
Oct 22, 2012 7:37 PM
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True love lasts forever
October 22, 2012
True love is???? That is a very very deep deep question, and it is so much deeper than just being in love!!!! But only time can truely prove/show that it is true love, and true love never dies or fades away with time. My defined meaning and partial storyline of losing true love is : She continues to have your heart no matter how long you've been apart...Girls and love will come and go, but with true love you will surely know, because you can never let go..With true love, even after years had gone by, all you have to do is look into her sparkling eye, and it makes you break down and cry...With true love, the perfect memories will never erase, and you will always see so clear her perfect face...With true love, you will always hear her perfect, cute, adorable voice in your head for the rest of your life, and never give up hope on making her your wife...With true love, just hearing her cute voice rap and sing, makes you wanna give her a wedding ring...With true love, just watching how cute she is when she acts like a race car driver when you let her drive, make you feel like the luckiest man alive...With true love, just thinking about the way she always smiled, will forever and always drive you completely wild...With true love, you will always remember her cutest little attitude, even so damn cute when she was in a bad mood...With true love, you will always remember her in her cute little pink clothes, she will always be your perfect pink rose...With true love, even the thought of her still turns you on, even after she's long gone...With true love, love is not blind because you've already seen her perfect flaws, and they are why you fell so deeply in love with her , because she is the only pefectly flawed woman for you, and you will always wish for all her dreams to come true...With true love, when you look into her twinkling eyes, you will not be able to tell her any lies.. With true love, all her wants and needs will come first, even if your dying of thirst...With true love, even when shes in a bad mood, you still realize just being around her, you are the luckiest dude...With true love, even if she's all but given up on you, you will never give up on her to say "I do"... With true love, you may find yourself wondering "why is it only me , who can see we were always meant to be"...With true love, you will continue crying even as a grown ass man, just knowing you can no longer hold her precious hand...With true love, so many girls may have came and gone, because none of them could begin to compare with not even the slightest piece of just her hair...Thanks for reading and I hope it helps with some of the meaning of "True love"
October 22, 2012
true love is being true to yourself and to the person you claim to love, treating that person with respect and being willing to sacrifice all you have for that person
February 3, 2014
true love...as Jane points out, it's a highly philosophical question ..."love" on its own it hard to put the finger on, but "true love" ...."true"!! ...every new love will be different from the previous, thank goodness!!! ...and in general in love there shouldn't be any rights or wrongs ...if you want to be true...then let it be your commitment and efforts ...good luck... us all;P
December 12, 2013
and true love can hurm
June 10, 2013
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