María José
what is the difference between "other" and "another"?
Oct 22, 2012 11:49 PM
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Hi Maria, This is a good question. Many people have difficulty with these two words but luckily the explanation is rather simple. Other = difference Another = additional. Examples in Context: *I would like another glass of water because I drank mine already. I am requesting an additional glass of water. *Imagine you want to buy a blue towel so the assistant picks up a light blue towel but you don't want the light blue towel. You want the other dark blue towel. (There are choices and you don't want one, you want the other one). An exception to this rule: When you use "another day" and "other day" the meaning changes. The other day I went to Portugal. This means that previously (in a non specific way) you went to Portugal. We can go to Portugal another day. This means we can't go today but we can go another day (we can go a different day). This is probably why some people get these two words confused. Just remember that generally speaking; another = additional other = different Except for when you are referring to a day... another day = a different and separate day usually in the future. other day = a different day in the past. I hope that helps Maria. Cheers, Mary
October 23, 2012
Wow that's a good question that someone smart will have to answer for you to explain the exact difference?.. heehee :) ..... But I can give you some sentences to hopefully try to help you determine the difference, and when to use each one. : The other day I went to a party///// Yesterday, I went to another party//// I don't like this party. Let's go back to the other party that we were at earlier./// We can find another party to go to.///// Can I have another piece of cake?//// Can I have the other kind of cake, because I don't like this kind?//// We are trying to learn another language//// Wow, I never realized that other languages would be so hard to learn! //// Wow, I never realized that another language would be so hard to learn! ////////// Hopefully someone can explain in detail, the differences for you. I'm not sure how to explain when to use each one :( ..... Bye :)
October 23, 2012
Es fácil. Después de another va un sustantivo en singular, en cambio, luego de other va uno en plural, por ejemplo: "I play another instrument" "I play other instruments" Espero haberte ayudado. :d
October 22, 2012
Both 'other' refers to one or more things or persons other than that already mentioned. "A sedan has four doors. Other cars have only two." Also 'other' can refer to the second one of something, when the first one is already mentioned. "Tom is one of the twin brothers. Sam is the other." 'Another' is like other because it refers to something or someone different or in addition to that that or those that have already been mentioned. However, with 'another' the we are almost always referring to just ONE different or additional thing. "She ordered another drink." = one drink more than those that she has already had. "We were thinking of the blue car, but finally settled on another car."
October 22, 2012
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