谁可以帮我把这段话翻译成英文? 在将来,我会是世界上最强大、最善良也是最漂亮的女巫。为什么?因为我将会去打败超人、蜘蛛侠、蝙蝠侠还有喜羊羊,然后担负起保卫地球的重任!是的,你没有听错,我将担负起保卫地球的重任!因为在未来世界,地球上将会出现很多来自外太空的侵略者。例如:潘多拉星人或来自银河系外的外星人。等到那个时候,我——地球上最强大的女巫就会在第一时间出现。我将使用我那强大的魔力来消灭他们,拯救人类!很快,地球又会恢复勃勃生机,人、动物、植物......大家又能开心且和谐地生活在一起。从此,每个人都将会崇拜我,仰慕我。我相信,我将会是他们心目中的上帝!(求高手帮我把这段荒诞文翻译成英语,感激不尽!)
Oct 23, 2012 1:09 PM
Answers · 2
In the future, I will be the world's most powerful, kindest, most beautiful witch. Why? I will defeat Superman, Spider-man, Batman, and Pleasant the Goat, and then take on the task of defending the Earth! Yes, you heard it right, I would assume the task of defending the Earth! Because in the next world, there will be a lot of aliens invading Earth from outer space - for example: from Pandora's Star or from outside the Milky Way. Wait until then; I, the planet's most powerful witch will appear for the first time. I will use my magical powers to destroy the aliens and save humanity! Then the Earth will restore vitality to people, animals, and plants ... everyone can be happy and live together in harmony. After that, everyone will worship and admire me. I believe I will be a God in their minds! Superman, Spider-man, and Batman are positive characters. I had never heard of Pleasant the Goat, but he seems nice, too. Is the witch supposed to defeat these others, or just be greater than these heroes?
October 28, 2012
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