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About "will" What does the sentence "The lock will not open" mean, pls? I'm not sure about 'will"
23 oct. 2012 16:48
Answers · 8
"The lock will not open" - Замок никак не открывается. (Сейчас) "The lock would not open" - Замок никак не открывался. (Тогда)
23 octobre 2012
''Will'' is used to predict future events (I will go shopping tomorrow). Here, 'will not open' means that someone is unable open the lock. The person is predicting that the lock can not be opened, at least not straight away.
23 octobre 2012
Will can be used in a variety of situations. In this sentence, it simply means that it has not been possible or is not possible to open the lock. e.g. I have been trying so hard but the lock won't (will not) open !! No matter how hard you try, the lock will not open ____________________________________________________ See more usages of "will" here :) ____________________________________________________
23 octobre 2012
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