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what does these words mean? [Signs advertise paint body shops, tire stores, wheel alignment establishments, greaseries, transmission specialists, tune-up bargains, seat covers, hydraulic services, "Chewy Land," "A-l Auto Parts," and "Free Valves and Rings."] 1.signs advertise 2.greaseries 3.tune-up bargains 4.hydraulic service 5.Chevvy Land 6.A-1 Auto Parts 7. Free Valves and Rings what does these words mean?thx!
Oct 24, 2012 3:16 AM
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A sign on the front of a business is a form of advertising for the services of that business. These signs, then, "advertise" those offerings. Advertise = to publish, broadcast or otherwise distribute information intended to cause people to make a purchase or take a particular action. All of the other phrases are services needed to keep a car in good repair. 2.greaseries - not a real word; the writer is being clever with the word grease. Cars need lubrication with oil, also known as grease. places that will oil/grease your car are greasERIES, to this author, the same way that a places that sell baked goods are bakERIES. AGain, not a real word! 3.tune-up bargains...literal usage of these words to describe a service performed on a car at a low price 4.hydraulic service...again, literal use of words 5.Chevvy Land ...Chevy is an informal way of saying Chevrolet, a major American car brand. 6.A-1 Auto Parts...A-1 is a common American business name for many types of business, in order to appear at the top of an alphabetical listing. The other words are literal. 7. Free Valves and Rings...literal usage; cars have parts called valves and rings that need repair and replacing You must have finished your Kennedy historical work! Big change in your subject. :)
October 24, 2012
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