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Would I inflect "mehr" in this situation? I need more apples. Ich brauche mehr Äpfel. or would it be: Ich brache mehre Äpfel. Is "mehr" an adjective or adverb in this case? Or is it both?
24 de Out de 2012 às 06:25
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"Ich brauche mehr Äpfel" is correct. "Ich brauche mehrere Äpfel" is also possible, but then the meaning is "I need several apples". "Mehre" doesn't exist. "Mehr" cannot be inflected, so it's an adverb. Nevertheless, it usually has to be put in front of the word it is modifying, like some other adverbs.
24 de Outubro de 2012
Ich brauche mehr Äpfel.
24 de Outubro de 2012
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