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"Hallmark", stands for what? Charlie,a player goes from woman to woman,sticks to his own rule of "first night gets laid always at woman's house." His brother asked him why, He said:"A woman's much more relaxed and comfortable in her own surroundings. Plus, the minute she falls asleep, I can hit the bricks." His brother:"That's lovely. It's a shame you don't work for Hallmark." It seems like get a joke going on there,shamefully i don't get it. "Hallmark" is a company,a mall, does charlie's behavior get a connection with the "hallmark"?
24 de oct de 2012 12:36
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Thank you two guys!
25 de Octubre de 2012
Bill is absolutely correct.
25 de Octubre de 2012
Hallmark is a company that manufactures and sells greeting cards. If someone says you should work for Hallmark, that would usually mean you could write affectionate, emotional messages for greeting cards. However, his brother is using sarcasm, meaning that the main character is insensitive and does not care about other's feelings.
24 de Octubre de 2012
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