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Can anyone help me out with this chinese phrase? Hello everyone! I've got some problems translating this sentence: 窗外的麻雀 在電線桿上多嘴. I know what 窗外的麻雀 means, but I cannot really get what 電線桿 and 上多嘴 means. Actually I don't really know why you use 上, it makes no sense to me. Thanks in advance :)
24 ott 2012 15:08
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電線桿significa el polo de alambre eléctico,el uso 多嘴 es una metáfora ,eso significa los pajalos cantan felicitamente
25 ottobre 2012
Hi, I think this is one of the lyrics in Jay Zhou’s song <七里香>,and I like it too.  在…上, means “on” .Example:站在椅子上=standing on the chair. 电线杆=telegraph pole. 多嘴=bird’s chattering. However, we don’t use 多嘴 on bird in our daily life, it’s always used on people who is nagging and annoying.
25 ottobre 2012
在电线杆上 / 多嘴。 you cant put 上and 多嘴 together here. 上 is not on. "on" should be tranlated into "在......上" here. 在电线杆上,you see, we have to say “在 something 上”, instead of "在 sth" when we express sth is on sth. some sparrows, they were out of the window, and they were on the/a telegraph pole/wire pole/telephone pole/wirepole, these sparrows were chattering/chirpping/twittering. in my opinion,叽叽喳喳 is better than 多嘴 here.
25 ottobre 2012
电线杆 = wire pole 在...上 = on 多嘴 = chirp
27 ottobre 2012
Hola! puedo ayudarle ,aprender chino.
26 ottobre 2012
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