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حولَ مائدةِ الأحلام in this sentence why (مائدةِ) is maksur(مكسور)? can you explain the grammatical rule please?it's (مضاف) and it should be (مضموم),why maksur? thank you very much!
Oct 24, 2012 5:07 PM
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The sentence "حولَ مائدةِ الأحلام" is "جملة اسمية" which means it is composed of "مبتدأ" and "خبر". The sentence was originally " هذا حولَ مائدةِ الأحلام" and "هذا " was the "مبتدأ" but it was omitted as the sentence is a title (of an article or a book) ,so the rest of the sentence (حولَ مائدةِ الأحلام) is " خبر شبه جملة" because the word "حول" is "ظرف مكان" ...any ظرف should be"منصوب" ..that's why there is فتحة on the last letter of it (حولَ ) . Usually or most of the time, the word that comes after a ظرف is "مضاف إليه" depending on the context,here the word "مائدة" is clearly a "مضاف إليه" and the "مضاف إليه " is always "مجرور" .the word "مائدة" is "مضاف إليه مجرور وعلامة جره الكسرة" so there is "كسرة" under the last letter of this word What makes you confused is that there is "مضاف إليه" after a "مضاف إليه" in the sentence ..The word "الأحلام" is "مضاف إليه" too and it is also "مضاف إليه مجرور وعلامة جره الكسرة " . Here's another example,when I say: "هناكَ طائرٌ فَوْقَ شجَرةِ تُفَّاحِ جارِنا" "There's a bird over the apple tree of our neighbour" every word of these words " شجَرةِ " ,"تُفَّاحِ " ,"جارِ" and the pronoun "نا" is "مضاف إليه" (they came after each other). When we tell the "إعراب" of a word we don't say this word is "مضاف " so it is "مكسور" ,that's wrong!...Actually it is just a naming to indicate that there is "مضاف إليه" coming after it .Being a "مضاف " doesn't affect the "إعراب " of the word at all. For example: "هذه مَدْرَسَةُ الأَطفَالِ" "This is the school of the kids" the word "مَدْرَسَةُ" is "خبر مرفوع و علامة رفعه الضمَّة"(there is a "ضمة" over the last letter of it) and it is also a "مضاف " but as I said :being a "مضاف " doesn't affect the "إعراب " which is "خبر مرفوع و علامة رفعه الضمَّة" . ----------------------------------------------------------------- The full "إعراب " of your sentence would be this: *حولَ: ظرف مكان منصوب و علامة نصبه الفتحة ،وشبه الجملة "حولَ مائدةِ الأحلام" في محل رفع خبر لمبتدأ محذوف تقديره "هذا" *مائدة: مضاف إليه مجرور وعلامة جره الكسرة * الأحلام: مضاف إليه مجرور وعلامة جره الكسرة
October 25, 2012
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