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correct me please what is the corecet one and why ? 1. what you are doing 2. what are you doing
Oct 24, 2012 8:53 PM
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"What are you doing" is a question. For example: "What are you doing?" my wife asked "I'm looking at" I replied "What you are doing" is not a complete sentence, it would be a part of a larger sentence and it would refer to the action someone is taking. For example: "Stop what you are doing and come with me" or "What you are doing is illegal" or "I see what you're doing with that potato"
October 24, 2012
FIRST, just wanted to differentiate what you might READ from what you might HEAR: Correct, written: What are you doing? But, often, spoken: Whatta ya doing? (i.e. the auxillary "are" gets reduced and you almost don't hear it) The rules about what is correct in speech are often looser than in written English, but in this case, the rules apply; the correct answer is "What are you doing?" but note that you might hear it differently in conversation. <><><><> SECOND, this is a wh- question in the present progressive. DO is the main verb ARE is the auxilliary verb The subject is YOU The answer to your question is about syntax (word order) rules. Basic sentence > You are doing. When you add a WH-question, the subject (you) and the auxillary verb (are) switch position. Wh- question >What are you doing? A few related examples of this subject/verb switching with Wh- questions in the present progressive form... Jane is arriving now. When is she arriving? I am eating a sandwich. What are you eating? That's a long answer but you wanted to know why. Hope this helps!~ There is no short reply -- what you asked is actually a very good question. "...and why?" is ALWAYS an interesting question :-)
October 24, 2012
Both are okay! What are you doing? as a question. What you are doing. as a part of a sentence. For example: I know what you are doing.
October 24, 2012
They both have different meanings What are you doing.. Is a Question .. = maza taf3al ماذا تفعل in Arabic....... What you are doing.. Can't be said alone.. Which means it's an incomplete sentence.. = ma taf3aloho ما تفعله .. Example etrok ma taf3aloho اترك ما تفعلة = Leave what your doing.... I hope this Helps :)
June 30, 2013
What are you doing ?
October 24, 2012
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