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aussitôt que vs dès que & loresque vs quand Quand utiliser l'un sur l'autre? Aussitôt que= as soon as Des que= as soon as Lorsque= when Quand= when
24 окт. 2012 г., 21:05
Answers · 5
Hi, There is no rules about it : this is more a question of sonority than a real grammar problem. You can use them both, but for some phrases one will be heavy, or make the phrase sound weird. But that would be grammatically correct anyway. Best regards, Chris
24 октября 2012 г.
Okay with Chris Aussitôt que maybe a bit sooner.....than des que We dont use much lorsque as in a sentence "lorsque il" really sounds crap... better go "des qu'il"
25 октября 2012 г.
Bonjour, "Lorsque" is used in literature and not much in spoken language ...
25 октября 2012 г.
for me there are no rule, you can use both in the same case
24 октября 2012 г.
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