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How to say, "Think outside the box" in mandarin? Also, how to say, Have a good day? Is there a list of phrases that someone can recommend to me over the internet? Thank you.
Oct 25, 2012 3:25 AM
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应该是跳出 (什么什么框框) 来思考,口语这样说大家都懂的,说得优美点叫 打破常规来思考 (好像是这样,但是我个人不是很赞成,因为谁来定义常规思维呢)。 有个概念叫,思维定势,我相信你懂得。 If you like, you could explain more about the expression of "think out of the box". Then I could analyze its exact meaning and give you a definitive answer. Have a good day! 我们一般不说,就说 拜拜。如果有人去party,才说 玩得开心。 祝今天过得愉快。 这种表述就是直接翻译英语,当然你硬要这样说,让人感觉很怪(it sounds weird)。如果是那个人在国外待过,可以原谅,习惯一时改不过来了。 You know, different culture has its own expression. It's not a good idea to translate something just literally. 中国文化和语言相对于美国来说没有那么直接。(个人除外,我指的整体而言),打个比方,lang time to see (actually, we want to ask where have you been these days and how are you. I haven't seen you for quit a while, but I concern about your recent status), 说得好听点,这叫 含蓄。还有什么笑不露齿(这是古人的礼仪了,现在或多或少也有的,而且貌似专门针对女子,男权社会,你懂得,看看礼仪小姐就明白了)等等。
October 27, 2012
Hi Junjie,which kind of phrases do you want us to recommend? Thanks!
October 25, 2012
1.创造性思维, 2.祝你度过快乐的一天。(不过,一般就说”玩的开心“)
October 25, 2012
Think outside the box:创新性思维。 Have a good day:度过愉快的一天。
October 25, 2012
"Think outside the box"---打破常规思考问题 “Have a good day”----祝今天过得愉快
October 25, 2012
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