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What is 原料 in this sentence? What is 原料 in this sentence? 主要是免除关税,开放原料交易,进行商品的自由贸易。 I know 原料 can mean ingredients or materials, but I think they mean things, like coal, gas etc here right? What things fall into the category of 原料 for this sentence?
2012年10月25日 09:47
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I think 原料 means raw material like Grains such as wheat and rice,Vegetables such as carrots and onions,Meat such as beef and chicken,Wood from a tree,Honey from a bee's nest,Minerals or metal from a mine,Crude oil etc.
You should refer the context. As a native Chinese, I still don't know what it exactly means, just with such a single sentence.
nature things , non produced artificially such as ore (for making metal ),cotton the material thinking is correct
yes.原料 mean ingredients or we need made a cake.then we need some eggs.eggs is 原料 for cake. this sentence is about International Trade.not only gas or coal..can be a lots types.
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