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Sange Saboor 5 tanhaaye bi sange saboor tanhaa-ye - bi - without sang-e saboor - khooneye sardo soot o koor khoone-ye - house (of) sard-o - soot - koor -
Oct 25, 2012 11:14 AM
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sang-e saboor - ( some one who lessens to your speaking about your worryings and nostalgia) sardo sooto koor= House of Solitude. It is a feeling in some places you have it . when no one is there and you are alone. no happy , no interesting, no speaking depression situation in places like home some times it use for Ignorance for example: people ask you "what is news?" you told them: nothing hame ja sooto koore it means khabari nist
October 26, 2012
tanhaaye bi sange saboor tanhaa ~ alone ye ~ (an ezafe to link to adjective) bi ~ without sang-e saboor ~ confidant ("a person that you tell private or secret things to" (dictionary) ) Here, "bi sang-e saboor" is an adjective for "tanhaa" so it will be "without-confidant alone" but we must translate it in another way. khooneye sardo soot o koor khoone = khooneh ~ house ye ~ (an ezafe to link to adjective) sard ~ cold o = va ~ and soot o koor ~ gloomy ("partially or totally dark, especially dismal and dreary" (dictionary)) Persians usually use this idiom for places for example: kolbeye soot o koor, talare soot o koor, …. A house may be full of light but however because of lack of deary, it is still "soot o koor". In this idiom, I think, soot means silent and koor means dark. So it will be: "alone and without any confidant (intimate, company)" [about poet] , "cold and gloomy house" [about his house]
October 28, 2012
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