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Is this sentence natural? Did you get your dinner/lunch/breakfast?
25. Okt 2012 13:54
Answers · 2
This would be a natural sentence only if you meant if someone gave a person anything to eat or if someone got his dinner from any source, for example- school canteen, restaurant etc. However, if you wanted to ask if someone already ate his/her dinner/lunch/breakfast or not, then you would have to say "Did you HAVE your dinner/lunch/breakfast?" or "Did you EAT your dinner/lunch/breakfast?" Hope it was easy to understand, right? Ask me any question you want, don't hesitate! ^_^
25. Oktober 2012
very close: ''Did you have dinner/lunch/breakfast''? When you are talking about meals, the definite article (the) is not needed.
25. Oktober 2012
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