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You never know who you're working for does that sentence makes sense in english ? I'm not sure since I might be translating literally spanish into enlglish. in spanish we have a saying that says "uno nunca sabe para quien trabaja" which pretty much means that you never know to whom you will benefit with your actions with the things you do everyday with the decisions you you have any saying like that one above which can help me to convey my message?
25 окт. 2012 г., 18:59
Answers · 7
What you mean in english is " You never know who you will benefit with the actions and decisions you make everyday."
25 октября 2012 г.
I get what you mean... I've heard people say: You never know when you're going to need a friend... Or you never know where you might see that person again... Never know who you'll be working for next year... There is a pattern there... You never know who... You never know when... You never know what...
25 октября 2012 г.
Hey Alej: Just like Tyisha said, this sentence would mean "You never know who really profits from your work". It is kind of indirectly saying that there 'undertones' or things that you do not see regarding whatever you're doing. It has a negative conotation.
25 октября 2012 г.
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