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I am not quite clear about this action At the gate fence both Kennedys gave themselves to the mob. This kind of campaigning was unfamiliar to Jackie, but she had taken the bit, and her husband was appreciative; from time to time he glanced back at her, smiling encouragement. Once she nearly vanished. Both her wrists were grasped by several talon-like hands, and in near panic she felt herself being dragged over the railing. The talons slackened and she staggered back, juggling yellow roses. "Don't leave me," she panted at Albert Thomas. "Don't get too far away." "That's enough," he called, and he and two of his friends, both septuagenarians, ran interference for her until she reached the car. in the above passage, I am not quite clear about this action" ""she staggered back,juggling yellow roses" according to the previous passage, Jackie is holding that yellow roses. so , how could she juggle them when she is falling backward?
Oct 26, 2012 2:26 PM
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Basically what happened was that the crowd got too close and some people reached out and grabbed her with their hands (talons, like a bird's claw). She 'juggled' the roses as she fell back - she tried to hold on them. They probably fell out of her hand as she fell backward and she was trying to catch them and hold herself up at the same time. If you have ever stumbled with anything in your hand, you surely tried to hold on to it and perhaps it went up in the air as you grabbed for it. You 'juggled' it. This creates a picture of someone trying to juggle, but not succeeding.
October 26, 2012
this is very confusing to read, and poorly written. it must come from a novel of some kind?? I had to read this about 5 times haha. my first thought was that "juggling yellow roses" might be an old phrase from the 60's that means falling backward and hands flailing around....but when you said she was actually holding yellow roses in a previous passage, it makes absolutely no sense. sorry. haha
October 26, 2012
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