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Can anybody tell me the below setense mean anything? What makes a natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section?"
26 oct. 2012 23:51
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It is playing with words. 'Natural born' can mean two things. - For the U.S., it would be someone who was born in the U.S. or born to born to U.S. citizens overseas. - For birth, it would refer to a natural birth - one where the baby is not taken out in an operation. C-section means Cesarian section - an operation to take the baby out through a cut in the women's stomach. To be president of the U.S., a person must be a natural U.S. citizen - they can be someone who came hear and got their citizenship through application to the government. In the joke above, the teller is making you believe that they think natural citizen refers to a natural birth.
27 octobre 2012
Can anybody tell me if the sentence below means anything?
27 octobre 2012
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