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What does these sentences mean? I have following one phrase and one sentence from completely different context that I didn't understand, can some body help rephrase them or give more explanations? 1. report's discussion of legislation (What is it, is it a report?) 2. Sometimes the example motivates the general princeples, sometimes the general discussion coms first. (What does 'general discussion' mean?) Thanks for your help.
2012年10月27日 00:53
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In the report was a discussion of the legislation. That is the report's discussion of legislation. Say you had a discussion over four specific topics (or examples), all of them related to a general topic. You could discuss all the items individually, then the major topic to which they are all connected or you could reverse the order. In either case, the discussion involving the major topic and how all the individual items are related to it would be the 'general discussion'.
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