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what does "the concrete ribbon"mean? [After a hundred yards all the cars slowed to a crawl. The alternative I was mayhem: people had swarmed out on the concrete ribbon of the Gulf Freeway, where people never are. Even Valenti hadn't expected this, I and John Connally was dumfounded. Lady Bird, using her homely yardstick, took note of a wizened old man holding a hand-lettered "WELCOME KENNEDY"; a dozen uniformed Girl Scouts from "Troop 1381"; a little boy with a faded American flag, standing rigidly at attention. Mrs. Kennedy pointed excitedly—on Travis Street the spectators were packed ten and twelve deep, and behind them the traffic was backed up for miles. ] 1.what does "the concrete ribbon"mean? 2.what does "packed ten and twelve deep"mean?
Oct 27, 2012 3:37 AM
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It's just a kind of metaphor. The freeway looks like a concrete ribbon. They were actually on the concrete road. By the way, I am not terribly impressed by the English of this writer. What are you reading?
October 27, 2012
This is one of the most respected and best-selling authors of modern American history...she is translating Death of a President by William Manchester. I think it's fantastic! It is an amazing snapshot of America at a turning point in history. Packed ten or twelve deep means people are standing along the curb with ten or twelve rows of people behind them. It can be any number...this is much "deeper" than the usual parade crowd!
October 27, 2012
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