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Wu Ting
What's the meaning of the last sentence? Clearly, it was better to be a dog coping with dog-dilemmas like the what-tree-should-I-pee-on-this-morning one, than to be Ronel grappling with such tedious moral quandaries as whether fucking Renana as she bent over his wife’s vanity table was less repellant than fucking her right in their queen-size bed. A question that had many implications, by the way. Because if it didn’t matter, they’d be a lot more comfortable doing it on the bed, and that would be that. What's the meaning of "that would be that"? Thanks!
27 de Out de 2012 às 12:33
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Haha, man what are you reading... That would be that is an expression of finality or another way to say "and that's all." Like if you have to mow your lawn and you are almost done then you remember you have to trim the hedges, you would say "Well, all I have to do is trim the hedges and that will be that." In the U.S. the spoken version of it is usually "That'll be that." It's just another weird way of saying "and that will be all." Like ordering food, "I'll have a ____ and _____ and that will be that."
27 de Outubro de 2012
Wu Ting
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