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有关英语时态一致的一个疑问,希望能得到解答 学时态一致的时候,书上有个例子:I had known Palmer,when this story starts, for nearly four years.(当这个故事开始时,我已经认识Palmer差不多四年了。) 在这个句子里为什么要用一般现在时和过去完成时?为什么不是过去时started跟过去完成时had known或者是一般现在时starts和现在完成时have known?求解答~谢谢!~
27 Eki 2012 14:52
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It is written this way because the story is not at an end; it is going to continue. It's very similar to Sherlock Holmes stories, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The character, Dr. Watson, Holmes' friend, is telling the story as it happens, but he sometimes uses information from the past to help the reader catch up to what is happening now. Yes, I can read your question. I've lived in China.
27 Ekim 2012
'Have known' includes all time up to now. 'Had known' includes all time up to the moment that is defined --- in this case, the beginning of the story, not now. The word 'starts' shows the continuation of the story, perhaps bringing the story to current time. If they said 'started', the story may end at an earlier time, always being in the past, not continuing to now.
27 Ekim 2012
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