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What does mean the word combination "Give away"? forexample "I think the suit sort of gave me away."
27 ott 2012 23:20
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It means to become discovered. A sniper carefully hides to not give away his postion to the enemy. An undercover cop must act naturally to not give away that he/she is with law enforcement.
27 ottobre 2012
In this context ''to give away'' means ''to reveal one's identity''. The conversation would be something like this: ''I walked in the building and they immediately knew that I was a lawyer''. ''Really?'' ''Yeah. I think the suit sort of gave me away'' (made it obvious that I was a lawyer).
27 ottobre 2012
This phrasal verb has a lot of meanings 1. Give sth away = 1.1 Give something as present. 1.2 Tell something about somebody. (as a secret) Examples: She gives me away a ring in my birthday. He gives me away that he has a lover. Give sb away = betray to someone. Examples: They give the rapist away. Give yourself away = betray yourself. Example: You gave yourself away when you said it. He gave yourself away in the exam because he took off a paper with the answers of his bag.
28 ottobre 2012
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