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question about two sentences 【Main Street was bedlam. Lyndon was on the loose. He had once taught school two blocks from here; he saw a covey of old friends and bore down on them emitting affable cries as pint-sized Valenti bobbed in his wake. 】 1.does "a covey of" equals to "a group of"? 2.what does "bore down on" mean? 3. does" emitting affable cries "mean "greet them merrily?" 4.what does "as pint-sized Valenti bobbed in his wake"mean?
28 أكتوبر 2012 08:25
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1. Does "a covey of" equal "a group of"? Yes, but usually for birds (humorous) 2. What does "bore down on" mean? Approach something determinedly 3. Does "emitting affable cries "mean "greet them merrily?" Yes 4. What does "as pint-sized Valenti bobbed in his wake" mean? Valenti was short. The metaphor refers to something small moving up and down in the wake of a boat.
28 أكتوبر 2012
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