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as or like Hello my friends! Tell me please, When can I use "as" and when "like"?
Oct 28, 2012 7:48 PM
Answers · 4
Like is used in a simple comparison to express equality (in a characteristic or in the manner of doing something): "She is like her mother" "He eats like a dog" "My brother looks like a lawyer" "She sings like an angel." As is used in the construction [] to strike a comparison: "She is as pretty as her mother" "Moscow is not as big as New York City"
October 29, 2012
Like has the meaning 'similar to' and is used when comparing things. Like is followed by a noun or pronoun. - She is like her mother. As refers to something or someone's appearance or function. As is followed by a subject and verb. - Several years ago he worked as a photographer.
October 29, 2012
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