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When to use"he/she were" and "she/he was"?
Oct 29, 2012 2:15 AM
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There are two ways in which you use were. _________________________________________________________________ 1. Used as a PLURAL of Was. In English, the plural verbs are used when the subject is singular (Or the second person) and the singular verbs are used when the subject is plural. e.g. : I / He / She / It was You / They were This is the simple part. The difficult part is when it is used as a subjunctive ! _________________________________________________________________ 2. Used as a SUBJUNCTIVE. : "denoting a mood of verbs used when the content of the clause is being doubted, supposed, feared true, etc, rather than being asserted" You tend to see it with constructions such as * If he were my brother, nobody would mess with me * If only I were president It's also used for (among other things) situations that are contrary to actual fact. * I wish I were going to the ball. * He wished it were Saturday. _________________________________________________________________ Read more about subjunctive in english here : All the best :)
October 29, 2012
You can use he was or she was, he were or she were, I was or I were only in the conditional: "If I was (or were) a rich guy, I would travel to Europe" "If he was (or were) a famous person, he could buy a mansion" "If she were (or was) a thief, she could be under arrest" I hope you understand me. :D
October 29, 2012
were is plural for was. You can use "They were..."or "He/She/It was..." Is this what you wanted to know?
October 29, 2012
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