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What does 'to have the ground game over' mean? e.g. Obama has the ground game over Romney so that makes for a very interesting final phase.
29 paź 2012 15:00
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"Ground game" has two meanings. One is game animals living on the ground such as hares and rabbits (UK). In American English, it is a football term meaning to run and advance the ball ie to win. So in this case, it means that Obama has the advantage (but not definitive because of fumbles in the last few yards) over Romney.
30 października 2012
I'm not a political expert, but I think it means having several locations across each state which work at the local level not only to campaign (put up signs, have local rallies and such) but also to make sure that voters get to the polls on or before election day (high voter turnout is important for the Obama campaign).
29 października 2012
Here is a link to a political article describing the "ground game" in American politics. Perhaps it will answer you question in more detail.
30 października 2012
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