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what does "blood is thinner and cooler "mean? [The Rice's fifth floor, the President's, was reserved for those closest to him: Larry, Ken, Dave, Evelyn, Dr. Burkley, Generals Clifton and Mc-Hugh. The Secret Service arsenal was in 528, the Houston White House switchboard in 514-516. Directly overhead, the Vice President was eating in his sixth-floor Gold Suite ($100 a day) with Lady Bird. His smaller staff was clustered around him. Immediately across the hall, in 625, Liz Carpenter was changing her clothes and reflecting with some despair that she hadn't had much luck making friends among the President's staff. They didn't exactly cut her. They just maintained their distance. Maybe blood is thinner and cooler in Massachusetts, she thought, straightening seams. Liz was at the mirror, inspecting herself, when the Gold Suite door swung open on the other side of the passage and its occupant hurried toward the stairs. Lyndon B. Johnson had an appointment with John F. Kennedy.] 1. what does "The Secret Service arsenal" mean? does it equal to "agent"? 2.what does "blood is thinner and cooler "mean?
Oct 29, 2012 3:04 PM
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Hi May, Is this a book or novel? This is some "heavy duty" or difficult English. The Secret Service is some special security poeple in the U.S. They take care of security for the President and other important people. Arsenal is 军火库. So in this book they are describing where, or in what rooms different things or different people are at. In English having "thick" or "thin" blood is an expression. You can guess the meaning here from the context or its usage. The previous sentences show that she did not have much success in meeting people or gaining acceptance from these people. So here thin and cold or cool blood means these people are not very friendly or these people will not make friends with you very easily. What book is this? :-) Alex
October 29, 2012
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