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am I right? 【On a sudden impulse she blurted out that she disliked Governor Connally. He asked, "Why do you say that?" "I can't stand him all day. He's just one of those men—oh, I don't know. I just can't bear him sitting there saying all these great things about himself. And he seems to be needling you all day." "You mustn't say you dislike him, Jackie. If you say it, you'll begin thinking it, and it will prejudice how you act toward him the next day. He's been cozying up to a lot of these Texas businessmen who weren’t for him before. What he was really saying in the car was that he's going to run ahead of me in Texas. Well, that's all right. Let him. But for heaven's sakes don't get a thing on him, because that's what I came down here to heal. I'm trying to start by getting two people in the same car. If they start hating, nobody will ride with anybody."】 1. in "He's been cozying up to a lot of these Texas businessmen who weren’t for him before." does "Connally" flattered those businessmen, or those businessmen flattered him? does "for him" equals to "support him?" 2.what does "run ahead of me" mean? 3.does "don't get a thing on him" mean "don't have a prejudice against him?"
Oct 30, 2012 3:26 AM
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cosy up to = think of cosying up in bed to your lover to make him feel good or put him in a good mood This is where the phrase comes from. Yes, he wants to make the businessmen feel good about him to be for; to be against = to support; to oppose run ahead In America you "run" for office. If you are ahead in the opinion polls then you are running ahead. get a thing on somebody = find out something distasteful he has done in the past. This is something a lot of politicians do at election time. They look for "ugly" traits in the opposite number and try to win by default.
October 30, 2012
1. The Governor is flattering the businessmen in order to gain their (political) support (*This is a very colloquial sentence which only makes sense in context and depending where you are, would not be used very often in countries outside of the southern part of the USA) 2. It is hard to say exactly without knowing the entire context, but likely it is referring to political campaigning. 3. Yes, it is roughly meaning "don't have a prejudice view against him"
October 30, 2012
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