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Ciao a tutti. La mia domanda è questo: Qual è la differenza tra lì e ci? È come posso sapere quando utilizzare uno o l'altro?
Oct 30, 2012 5:03 AM
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This is a difficult case: -- cosa ci e` li` (cosa c'e` li`) ? -- here /ci/ adds emphasis to /li` /, but in the eye of the listener, it still means /here/; in this case the proper meaning is / in quel posto /, / in that place/, note the /in/ particle, it is very important. Final words, after some pondering over it: as an adverb of place, /ci/ means: / nel luogo di cui si sta parlando/ / in the place that is understood from the context /
October 30, 2012
/li`/ is simple: /there/ /ci/ has two completely different meanings: 1) to us 2) here Examples: --- Siete di nuovo andati li` (there) ? --- finalmente ci (here) siamo arrivati! (finally we got here) --- cosa ci (to us) spiega oggi, professore ? Many more examples would be needed for both, in order to get a good knowledge, especially of 'ci'. In case, write the sentences you don't fully understand as a new question.
October 30, 2012
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