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Wa Ode Muslihah
is there anyone know what is difference between curriculum, syllabus, and lesson plan ???
30 de oct de 2012 12:32
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Curriculum is a 'set' of courses. So to get a pharmacy degree you need to take a specific set of classes Syllabus is an outline or overview of wht will happen in a specific class, itusually includes a schedule ( what will be covered each day) a reading list ( and specific readings for each class) an attendence policy, grading policy etc. A lesson plan is a detailed description of a single class within a course, so on Tuesday we will learn a new method for calculating area under the curve and then we will work on problem set 4 in small groups then the entire class will come together to review the answers for the problem set.
30 de Octubre de 2012
The curriculum is usually a government document outlining what teachers have to teach in various subjects and levels. A syllabus is a written document, briefly describing the curriculum to the students and their parents. A lesson plan is a written outline of what the teacher aims to teach the students in a lesson and the outcomes he/she wants to students to achieve.
30 de Octubre de 2012
Wa Ode Muslihah
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