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Meet is it changes should control Our being, lest we rust in ease Can't make neither head nor tail of the form in which the word "meet" was used in the quotation above. The general meaning of the quotation is also a bit blurry. Could you, please, help me understand, what on earth that could mean? Thanks in advance.
30 окт. 2012 г., 14:26
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It is a very old use of 'meet'. It means fitting or appropriate. It is not used that way any more and many native speakers wouldn't know the meaning.
30 октября 2012 г.
What is the full context of your quote?
30 октября 2012 г.
The spiritual ebb and flow of life is described in the poem "Love Thou Thy Land" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson , where this quote comes from. Tennyson believed that human nature would assert its wholeness in civilized man. He also believed that there must come a time, in the progress of civilization, when this ebb and flow will be less marked than before , by reason of a better balancing, which will be brought about, of the intellectual and the spiritual. Each will have its due activity. A man of intellectual pursuits such as Tennyson, did not want to have a starved spiritual nature; and this poet of predominant spiritual functions did not want not to have an intellect weakened into a submissiveness to formulated, stereotyped, and, consequently, lifeless dogmas.
31 октября 2012 г.
It means that it is fitting that changes should control the way we are so that we don't rust ( or become obsolete / useless / lethargic ) by being in too much comfort. Constant change, therefore, is important to life.
30 октября 2012 г.
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