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How to use the Adverb "even" in Spanish ? How to translate the adverb "even" into Spanish and how I could use it in Spanish phrases. "I don't have enough time even to eat !" “Even a child knows better”.
Oct 31, 2012 11:48 AM
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"I don't have enough time even to eat !": No tengo tiempo NI (SIQUIERA) para comer “Even a child knows better”: INCLUSO/HASTA un niño lo sabe (hacer/decir...) mejor. So, in general: not even/don't even: NI (SIQUIERA) even: incluso/hasta
October 31, 2012
Thank you Mario.
November 2, 2012
"I don't even have time to eat!" would be more natural.
November 2, 2012
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