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about name I have a question about name. "Afton" is popular name? Boy or girl? I often watch "Nicole" and "Afton" used together, is it popular?
2012년 11월 1일 오후 3:04
Answers · 6
What is the "Nicole". Is it a series? I dont hear about it. And Afton is a city in Minnesota, USA. May be you have heard "often"?
2012년 11월 1일
I don't know whether Afton is an English name or not. However, this name is not popular in my country of residence.
2012년 11월 1일
It is not an English name I have never heard that name
2012년 11월 1일
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2013년 7월 17일
I've never heard about that name. My name is also Nicole and I've never heard it.
2012년 11월 1일
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