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dollar credit rate I learned that dollar credit rate is set about zero percent, and it's mean the end of Reaganomics. It is bad not only for U.S., but for Russia too. Americans going to develop new sort of oil - oil shale, and Russia will incur losses because of American oil. And we can't sell anything, except the oil, because we don't produce any goods. Our industry is destroyed. I know this, because I worked at one of the government factory. All equipment is obsolete there. Utter misery (of money) is comming soon. But there is a positive side in this aspect. Our countries won't be able to be at wars because of money problem. our Asian war - in the Caucasus - will be finished, I hope . Our country doesn't have title to property. Our bureaucrats expropriate our businessmen, their trade and oil companies. Money keeps flowing out of the country. Recently we have had another one demonstration against our president, who supports our bureaucrats. In this connection what do you think about "occupy wall street"?
Nov 2, 2012 10:46 AM
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When you say "dollar credit rate" do you mean interest rate on deposits (savings) ? Very interesting perspective on the Russian economy. I have some knowledge of economics but I don't share the same views as yours. "occupy wall street" is a demonstration agains big banks/brokerage firms making money on poor people, when the credit crisis occurred in 2008, some folded (lehman brothers, etc.) the banks asked money from the banks, some years later they are making money and management got paid big bonus, problem still there with the poor gets poorer, hence this demonstration.
November 4, 2012
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