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Hi! I have a problem with the clothes and the verb to wear in korean I have already that: To wear a clothes in general (the body) it is 입다, for the foot it's 신다, for the head it's 쓰다 ,for the hand it's 끼다 To wear a 넥타이 or a 벨트 it's 하다. It is for every accessories? The jewel ? Or there is another word for the jewels... (ring, bracelet) And what is « to put a bag », to wear a 목도리 in korean ? * I have already learn (sorry) Someone can help me please?
2. Nov 2012 15:14
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you seem to understand how to use them. 옷(을) 입다 신(을) 신다 모자(를) 쓰다 반지(를) 끼다(for finger) 넥타이(를) 하다(also possible 넥타이 메다(=means tie)) 벨트(를) 하다(still also possible 벨트(를) 메다) 가방(을) 메다 목도리(를) 하다/목도리(를) 메다(=means tie) for jewelry 반지를 끼다 목걸이를 하다 귀고리를 하다 팔찌를 하다/팔찌를 끼다
2. November 2012
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