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how to learn english??
Nov 2, 2012 4:34 PM
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This answer has served me so well, this must be the 5th time I am repeating my answer :D ***************************************************************************************** Learning a new language is something like learning to drive a vehicle. There is excitement in the starting, then frustration in between and a sense of achievement in the end. Just like learning to drive, you have to keep practicing if you want to drive and one day suddenly you will realise that you have learnt a lot. To improve you speech do the following : 1. IMMERSE yourself in English. Try to think English whenever and wherever. In your mind, try to say expressions that you use everyday in English. 2. TALK to people who know English. Italki is a good website for the same. Just add language buddies here. Teach them your language and learn English from them. Add them on Skype and try to have a conversation. Everyday you will improve. 3. READ, simple things at first and slowly progress into tougher stuff. Start with children's books if you are really uncomfortable. You will never even realise how fast you will be improving your english. 4. LISTEN, to songs, videos, shows and anything that make your ears attuned to catching English words. The toughest part of a language is to understand what the native speakers speak. Sine the words flow at an amazing pace, it is difficult to distinguish between words. But slowly, it will become a habit. 5. PERSEVERE. This is by far the most important point. Keep at it and never give up. Driving is not for people who are afraid to fall or ready to give up. It is for people who persevere and so is language :) 6. MIX IT UP. and have fun while learning ! **************************************************************************************
November 2, 2012
Are you looking for a teacher, or just someone to chat with? I have recently returned to US from China, where I taught university-level Oral English, and I am now accepting new, online students. If you only want to be a free language partner with other students, that’s OK. When you want some professional help, let me know.
November 2, 2012
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