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Two question about " bust my ass" ***Question one: Does "bust my ass" mean someone works very hard or do one's best to do something? I checked it out from a translator. It says "my ass" is the variant of "my eyes". It means I have eyes. I can tell what I saw and I don't agree with your opinion. It translates "my ass" in Chinese is 才怪, 才不. I just want to make sure these information is correct. ***Question two: "ass" sounds a little boorish. ;) So, "bust my ass" and "My ass" are nomal expressions or rude expressions? What expression else similar to them?
Nov 3, 2012 5:20 AM
Answers · 8
It's a North Americanism and would not generally be used in the UK, but if it were it would not be advisable to use it in most circumstances. In fact we would more likely use the term "work one's arse off", but care is needed as to when you use it. I prefer the milder term "work one's socks off".
November 3, 2012
The expression means that you worked very hard. This is a rather vulgar expression and would be used only very informally and not, for instance, to your mother! :) It has nothing to do with eyes. Ass, in this usage, is slang for rear end. It is slightly more vulgar than "butt" and much more vulgar than "rear end" or "fanny" which are informal but not vulgar. Okay?
November 3, 2012
You are correct about both questions. "I bust my ass", means "I work very hard" and, yes, it is very boorish and a rude expression. It is still considered to be profanity by some of us older folks, but is sadly being accepted as a normal way to speak by many in our culture.
November 6, 2012
The expression has been around for at least 50 years. It is not rude or vulgar when used with family/friends/colleagues.
November 3, 2012
Others might use the expression with their mother. I would never do so!
November 3, 2012
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