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what the difference between other and another
3 nov. 2012 11:16
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Hello, 1. First, it might be helpful if you remember that the word "another" consists of two words: "an" = one + other. Thus, "another" means "one other." 2. I hope that the following dialogues help you: Teacher: I have two pencils. One is yellow. One is red. I'm going to give you the yellow one. Student: I'm sorry, Teacher. But may I please have the OTHER one. (That is, there are two things. I do NOT want the thing that you gave me. I want the thing that you did NOT give me.) ***** Teacher: What's the problem, Tommy? Tommy: This book is full of marks on the pages. May I please have ANOTHER book? (That is, I have something. But this something does not satisfy me. I want to exchange it for something that is similar but different.) ***** I know that these words can be confusing. I have made up some other examples: 3. The right shoe fits comfortably, but the OTHER one doesn't. ("Other one" = left shoe.) 4. This doughnut is stale. May I please have ANOTHER one. (One other donut -- not this one.) 5. You have offered me five hats, I do not like any of them. Do you have any others? (THE other = two things; any otherS = three or more things.)
3 novembre 2012
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