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Is pragmatic=practical?Is formal or not? He is a very pragmatic man, always focusing on what specifically to do next.
Nov 4, 2012 3:37 AM
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yes, it means practical. "practical" is the more general way to say it, "pragmatic" means the exact same, but usually implies a higher level of strategy. A pragmatic person is practical, but maybe a practical person is not necessarily pragmatic? I'm not sure... 一般來說,兩個通用,practical比較常用。我覺得pragmatic不那麼正式的,但比較少用。 if we look at the root words, "pragmatic" comes from Latin "pragmaticus", which apparently means "skilled in law or business. " "practical" comes from a Greek word, meaning something like "to do". so you can see that 'pragmatic' has a connotation of more skill, whereas practical is just to take some convenient action. this corresponds to my understanding as a native English speaker. pragmatic is a little bit less common than practical, but I wouldn't say it is exclusively "formal". hope that helps
November 4, 2012
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