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Bella (אלישבע)
Farsi Greetings and Questions Hello everyone! I just started working for Persian family friends and I'd like to learn some basic Farsi greetings. I understand that in Farsi, there are certain ways of saying things that are Formal (Like when you're talking to your elders) and informal (Like when talking to your friends) ...if you could also explain the differences, I'd really appreciate it! Hello, How are you?, Fine, Thanks, Please, Who?, What?, Where?, Why?, How much?, etc.
Nov 4, 2012 5:57 PM
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Hi there. I don't know if you're also studying Farsi grammar or not cos the speaking manner is different with the talking! Or if you know the alphabet or not. but I can help you in your question. you say "Salam" which means Hello. "hale shom chetore?" or "khoob hastid?": formal phrase for saying "How are you?" and "khoobi?" informal phrase for saying "How r u?" "ki?"="Who?". "chi?"="What?". "key"="when?". "lotfan"="please". "chera?"="Why". "cheghadr?"="How much". "khoobam"="I'm fine". "mamnoon"="tnx".--->it's a little formal but for being verypolite you can say : "Sepas gozaram". and for being friendly you can just say "merci" it's both formal and friendly.
November 4, 2012
Bella (אלישבע)
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