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Identifying whether a noun is masculine or feminine Is there any general rule of knowing whether a noun is feminine or masculine in French ?
4 de nov de 2012 20:27
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There isn't a specific rule. You just need to practice. But in general nouns ending in: -age -ment -il, -ail, -eil, -ueil -é (but not -té) -eau and -ou -ème, -ège -i, -at, -et and -ot -er -oir -isme -ing -ard and words ending in other consonants (in the spelling) --> refer to masculine nouns And nouns ending in: -tion, -sion and -son -ure -ude, -ade -ée -té -ière Consonant followed by -ie -euse -ance, -ence Most other endings consisting of Vowel + Consonant + e: -ine, -ise, -alle, -elle, -esse, -ette etc. --> refer to feminine nouns I wouldn't advice you to learn that by heart. But by practicing French very often you will naturally be able to identify whether a noun is masculine or feminine.
4 de Noviembre de 2012
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