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operative/operational ? "operative skill "but "operational efficiency ".Confused,what's the difference between the 2 words?Further examples will be more appreciated~
2012年11月5日 02:39
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Operational : able to function or be used; functional Efficiency is functioning with minimum input and maximum output. Operational efficiency means the efficiency with which anything functions. If operational efficiency is low, the thing may be functional but not efficient (i.e. you may waste a lot of resources while performing the task) ***************************************************************************************** Operative : engaged in, concerned with, or pertaining to work or productive activity. Thus operative skill is the skill that is useful for productive activity. Hence an operative skill is a practical skill and has nothing to do with efficiency ***************************************************************************************** Now compare operational skill with operative skill : This will mean skills that are functional rather than skills that are useful for productive activity. A non operational skill will mean a skill that cannot be used at all.
efficiency usually means organization and speed. So if it is operationally efficient, it works very quickly and effectively. skill means ability, or capability. Sometimes skill means that the ability is very good. For example, if you are good at doing something you can say "I am skilled at something." Operative skill would mean the ability to operate or do something well. Sometimes, in English, we use phrases that sound very complicated. This type of language is often used to disguise really simple meanings or makes things seem more complicated than they are. I am not sure what context this came from, but it sounds like it came from a package. If it is in a scholarly article or a book, however, it is probably a reliable source. Please let me know if you need me to explain more!
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