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What is the difference between 바꾸다 and 부탁하다? What is the difference between 바꾸다 and 부탁하다? Especially when talking on the phone. 쓰다 and 이용하다? 통화(통화하다) and 통화중(통화중이다)
Nov 5, 2012 10:40 AM
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바꾸다 = change , to put someone on the phone 부탁다하= to please 쓰다= to use(pure korean) 이용하다= to use(word is based on chinese) 통화하다=to talk on the phone ~~중이다=in the middle of action( 통화중이다= talking on the phone(now)) if you wish to study chinese or japanese afterwards, i suggest you to try more on learning chinese based words. since it can be used very similar. for example 이용 = 利用= りよう and this will very much help you with japanese for sure. (i don't know about chinese)
November 6, 2012
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